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Shingle Creek Trail

A few days ago I was searching yet again for another destination and I was surprised that there was supposedly a creek trail close by. I loaded my bike and camera gear and off I went on the short 15 minute drive (I’m more used to referring to distances to destinations in lengths of time rather than mileage after growing up in the Philippines. Haha).

The hiking trail website listed three entrances to the trail and I chose the one by the Marriott Vista Tennis Court as it was the closest. (Yup it is a weird starting point indeed but they supposedly had a nature trail there that connected to the main trail.) I parked at the Tennis Court and off I went through the nature trail; at the end there was the fenced off structure of the high tension cables which had no trespassing signs all over it so I just went around it through the mud which I’m not so sure you are allowed to do but I already drove all the way there so I wasn’t backing out! The trail was indeed there on the other side but I encountered a little problem. There was about a 50 meter portion of the trail submerged in swampy water which looked to be about 1-2 feet deep. I was fine with biking through it and getting wet but I was just concerned by what could be lurking under the water. I nervously decided to bike through it anyway thinking that if ever something attacked me it would get my bike before myself. Hahah! 

It was well worth it as the first sign of wildlife I saw was a red-tailed hawk snacking on a snake in the middle of the trail; it flew off to a nearby tree though while I was grabbing my camera from my bag. The creek itself was beautiful with really clear inviting water. I saw a bunch of wildlife as usual; it’s definitely worth going back to in the future although probably from a different entrance! 

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil

(via northernerlightss)